This Laboratory deals with physical and sensory testing of tobacco and raw tobacco, tobacco products, tobacco quality and its value of use and determining its class, chemical analysis of tobacco smoke and testing hookah tobacco, electronic cigarettes and liquid for electronic cigarettes.
  • They test physical parameters of cigarettes and shredded tobacco – determine the filling quality, the mass quantity of tobacco inside the cigarette, the amount of dust inside the cigarette etc.
  • They determine the presence and quantity of tobacco in products such as tobacco/flavour for hookah
  • Chemical analyses of the tobacco product composition
  • The moisture content of cigarette raw materials (filter, paper, cardboard)
  • Testing SRPS standard compliance
  • Chemical analyses of tobacco smoke. Determining the CO, nicotine and TAR content.
  • Testing compliance with product declarations and manufacturer specifications.
  • Determining metal traces in tobacco and tobacco products (ICP –OES).
  • Determining remains of pesticides in tobacco and tobacco products.
  • Detecting the presence of mould in tobacco products.
  • Determining the preservative content in tobacco products.

Professional staff

State-of-the-art equipment

Reliable analysis