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Field Test D.O.O. provides a broad spectrum of laboratory analyses, including food safety and quality checks both for human and animal consumption, health compliance for general use articles, cosmetic products, cleaning products for home use, children's toys, tobacco and tobacco product testing, electronic cigarette and liquid for electronic cigarette testing, hookah tobacco, pesticide and artificial fertilizer formulation as well as testing biological efficiency and selectiveness of plant protection products. We employ highly qualified professional staff and use the latest modern equipment from renown manufacturers which ensures the highest possible quality of our laboratory testing.

Latest equipment

The equipment in use at our lab includes: ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC-MS/MS, GC/MSD, GC/FID, GC/ECD, HPLC/PDA, LC-MS/MS, Ion chromatograph, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, ELISA reader, refractometer, densitometer, potentiometric titrator, cellulose apparatus, Kjeldahl apparatus, Euro Pulve sprayers with air support, R&D Sprayers, Real Time PCR, - IF test LOEWE Immunofluorescence (IF) Assay, handheld XRF spectrometer and much more.

Reliable analysis

The laboratory can coordinate your analyses results with both national and international regulations. In order to reaffirm competency, the laboratory participates in inter-laboratory comparisons (PT schemes), conducts internal checks, consistent equipment checks and continuous professional improvement of employees' skills.

Professional staff

Our team includes doctors of sciences, specialists, engineers, chemists, physics chemists and veterinarians, technology and agriculture engineers with over 10 years of experience.

Žarko Jović

General director
011 2261 145

Marija Smiljanić

Commercial director
011 2261 145

Arpad Molnar

Commercial director (Hungary)
+381 64 317 77 86

Gorica Vuković

Chief of Laboratory for food and animal feed testing
011 2269145

Tijana Mitrović

Chief of Laboratory for the testing of general use items
011 2269145

Zoran Milićević

Chief of Laboratory for the testing of pesticide and fertilizer formulation
011 2269146

Miloš Stevanović

Chief of Laboratory for testing the biological efficiency and selectiveness of plant protection and nutrition products
011 7450691

Ivana Jurišić

Chief of Laboratory for microbiological testing
011 2269145

Uglješa Živković

Chief of sample reception service
011 7450699

Field Test d.o.o.

Areas of testing

Field Test D.O.O. currently works in 7 independent organizational wholes: the laboratory testing of food and animal feed, Laboratory for testing general use items, Laboratory for testing tobacco and tobacco products, Laboratory for testing pesticide and fertilizer formulations, Laboratory for microbiological testing, Phytosanitary laboratory and the Laboratory for testing biological efficiency and selectiveness of plant protection products.

All laboratory buildings and premises are adjusted to their intended use with lots of available space, with controlled conditions and modern equipment.

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Field Test d.o.o.


Field Test D.O.O. was founded with the vision of providing support to various industries with the goal of helping them produce the highest quality products. Investing in modern equipment, professional and trained staff with years of experience and a business approach that's focused on fulfilling clients' demands are all the best possible guarantees of our quality.

The professionalism and dedication of our employees and the high quality of our services are the basis of our company's success and we have completely adjusted our program to the specific needs of the market as well as the demands of human health protection and environment protection.

If you need an analysis or just some professional advice, feel free to contact us. Reports and professional opinions can be delivered in English.

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