This Laboratory deals with physical and chemical testing of food health safety and animal feed quality control. This includes fruits, vegetables, products based on fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, juices made of fruit, vegetables and related products, nuts and dried fruits, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, wine, strong alcoholic beverages, spices and spice mixtures, salt, raw coffee, coffee products and coffee surrogates, cocoa beans, cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate-like products, candy products, cream products, grains and grain products, milled and baking products, biscuits and biscuit-like products, dietary products, enzymes, flavouring, additives, fats and oils both plant and animal based and products based on them, food for children, infants and young babies.
Techniques and equipment: ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC-MS / MS, GC / MSD, GC / FID, GC / ECD, HPLC / PDA, LC-MS / MS, Ionic chromatograph, UV / VIS spectrophotometer, ELISA reader , refractometer, densitometer, potentiometric titrator, Cellulose apparatus, Kjeldahl nitrogen apparatus.

Professional staff

State-of-the-art equipment

Reliable analysis